Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Green Illumination

I have failed you. I was not green yesterday. But I was busy with other stuff. Important, enlightening stuff. Really. More on that later. Today's green post honors the CFL. Compact Fluorescent Light. The graphic demonstrates why. While I still have concerns over the fact that cfl's contain trace amounts of mercury, many municipalities have proper disposal programs in place. Look for one where you live! That is an order. My local Lowe's store has a bin for recycling these, along with rechargeable batteries and plastic shopping bags. Do it. Because it's green. And because you'll feel like a better, more conscientious person if you do. Reward yourself with a cupcake. Which makes me wonder what fate awaits the Easy Bake Oven when incandescent bulbs are no longer available. Which makes me think of this charming movie that I absolutely loved. Streaming now on Netflix. Watch it! And enjoy another cupcake while you're watching.

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