Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

My favorite Dr. Seuss story. Green Eggs and Ham. I am Sam. Sam I am. One of the aunties gave Michael the book for Christmas. Then on his birthday six months later, sent the tape that came with the book. Thinking is was funny to force us to read the book over and over ad nauseum before providing the audio tape. It turned out to be more annoying with the tape. Somewhere around the would you eat them in a tree line that immediately followed the in the car line, there was a screeching tires and crashing car sound effect. Which Michael's deft little fingers played over and over ad nauseum by dancing around between the rewind and play buttons on the tape player. Suddenly I'm hungry. Think it's time for fresh farm eggs rather than green, and sausage
instead of ham. Nothing annoying about that.

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