Sunday, February 19, 2012

Switching Up

I am not a Luddite! I am not a grumpy old lady! I am not totally averse to change! Well, maybe a little of the last one. Let me begin by saying I love my morning newspaper. I love how it arrives every day in its little box attached to the pole for my snail mail box. Until a week ago. The Argus Leader revamped their layout, moved things about to other sections, got rid of my beloved tab section that was topical for each day of the week, and stuck my crossword puzzle in the back of the sports section! I was not adjusting well, or at all, to the new format. And I already had full access to the online version. So I decided to skip over the new print format and go directly to online reading. I called subscriber services to drop daily delivery. And it's not nearly as painful as I thought it might be. I did hold out for getting the Sunday edition in print. It just isn't Sunday without a paper. And now that I've been perusing the online paper for over a week, it's actually pretty easy to navigate. And with my new Chromebook that has taken up residence upstairs, easy access is close to the coffee, right where it should be. There is one little thing I can't quite figure out. The Doonesbury comic strip is too blurry to read! How annoying is that! Probably not a conspiracy, but I can't be sure. And since my recent revelation that the world actually doesn't revolve around me, I'm not taking it personally. So I've bookmarked the comics website that has the daily strip. I'd gripe about it, but I'm already online.

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