Saturday, February 4, 2012

Roku Love

I have a serious relationship with my Roku. Roku brings me Netflix. Which brings me Captain Reynolds. I admit it, I love my Roku. Which is why I was dismayed to discover that my Roku remote, or RoMote, as I like to call her, seemed to be malfunctioning. New batteries! She needs new batteries! A fresh pair of AAA's did not help. I emailed the Roku people with a description of the problem. I had a reply within three hours! Since I am still in warranty, they are sending me a new RoMote! The unfortunate thing is the Roku itself has no buttons on it. Meaning that if I wish to watch tv in the next few days, I must resort to what is available from my pitiful antenna or my personal dvd/video library. Which means I will be fine, shed no tears for me, I have placed this situation in perspective. I can stream Netflix on my computer as well as on my shiny new Chromebook if I become desperate. Then there's this thing called interaction with other people. In person. Being social. I've also been avoiding cleaning my refrigerator. Inside as well as out. And since the cats were both crouched down and peering intently under the fridge a couple of days ago, I expect I should move it away from the wall and see what might be lurking under there. I am afraid.

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