Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Never Again!

This is my mantra....never again shall I engage in internet dating...never again shall I engage in internet dating. And so on. I felt myself nearly getting pulled back into the vortex with this little bit of flawed thinking. That perhaps Internet Dating Website XYZ is actually better than Internet Dating Website PQR because of the interesting questions they ask that will reveal your true personality/nature/sexy beast that will in turn have you booked up with amazing and wonderful dates for weeks! Well, a pig in a dress is still a pig. Meaning that internet dating is, in essence, hanging out in a virtual bar. Except that you don't have to dress up and leave the house to do it. Immersed in the comforts of home you can sit in front of your computer in your pajamas and have meaningless conversations with men while you're perusing their profiles. You find out what they are interested in letting you find out and really nothing more. I have discovered that the local electronic pool just isn't large or diverse enough to be interesting or worth the effort. Not that I expect to find a suitable man sitting on the actual barstool next to me. While I enjoy the electronic neighborhoods of Facebook, Google+, and this blogging community, there is really nothing more satisfying than rubbing elbows with real people in the real world. Eventually, you have to do that anyway.


LindaCO said...

I've been off since August. In the intervening time I've started the banjo and the bracelet thing. I think online dating sucks out your mental energy. And hope...

Bellona of Avalon said...

I couldn't agree more.

I have been turning my attention toward small home projects that my hands can manage, settling my lawsuit, and launching my younger son.

I'm convinced that love happens when it happens. Sometimes you need to be still and give that butterfly a chance to light on your shoulder.