Saturday, January 14, 2012

Movie Music

Soundtracks ought to fade into the background, if you ask me. The music should enhance the story, really the entire viewing experience, but never overwhelm or distract from it. Since I tend to view favorite movies multiple times, the music emerges a little more and I'm more aware of the connection between the songs and the story. Sometimes I know I want the soundtrack after the first time I see the movie. I just realized this morning that I own three movie soundtrack cd's as well as the movies from which they are taken. Oddly, none of them are musicals. Interesting in that each soundtrack contains a song performed by a character in the movie. I highly recommend all of them.

* Michael (1996)

1.Through Your Hands - Don Henley [4:18]
2.I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore - The Mavericks [3:07]
3.Chain Of Fools - Aretha Franklin [2:46]
4.Bright Side Of The Road - Van Morrison [3:45]
5.Heaven Is My Home - Randy Newman/Valerie Carter [3:07]
6.The Spider And The Fly - Kenny Wayne Shepherd/James Cotton [3:50]
7.Feels Like Home - Bonnie Raitt [4:36]
8.What A Wonderful World - Willie Nelson [2:14]
9.Love God (And Everyone Else) - Al Green [4:16]
10.Sittin' By The Side Of The Road - Andie MacDowell [2:18]
11.Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum [3:59]

* High Fidelity (2000)

1.You're Gonna Miss Me - 13th Floor Elevators [2:28]
2.Everybody's Gonna Be Happy - The Kinks [2:18]
3.I'm Wrong About Everything - John Wesley Harding [3:36]
4.Oh Sweet Nuthin - Velvet Underground [7:27]
5.Always See Your Face - Love [3:21]
6.Most Of The Time - Bob Dylan [5:03]
7.Fallen For You - Sheila Nicholls [3:16]
8.Dry The Rain - Beta Band [6:05]
9.Ship Building - Elvis Costello [4:53]
10.Cold Blooded Old Times - Smog [4:12]
11.Let's Get It On - Jack Black [4:27]
12.Lo Boob Oscillator - Stereolab [6:36]
13.Inside Game - Royal Trux [3:42]
14.Who Loves The Sun - Velvet Underground [2:46]
15.I Believe (When I Fall In Love) - Stevie Wonder [4:51]

* Love Actually (2003)

1.Jump (For My Love) - Girls Aloud [3:40]
2.Too Lost In You - Sugababes [5:45]
3.The Trouble With Love Is - Kelly Clarkson [3:06]
4.Here With Me - Dido [4:17]
5.Christmas Is All Around - Billy Mack [3:27]
6.Turn Me On - Norah Jones [2:53]
7.Songbird - Eva Cassidy [3:29]
8.Sweetest Goodbye/Sunday Morning - Maroon 5 [3:54]
9.I'll See It Through - Texas [2:16]
10.Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell [4:11]
11.White Christmas - Otis Redding [3:40]
12.Take Me As I Am - Wyclef Jean/Sharissa [4:13]
13.All I Want For Christmas Is You - Olivia Olson [3:49]
14.God Only Knows - The Beach Boys [2:34]
15.All You Need Is Love - Lynden David Hall [3:43]
16.Sometimes - Gabrielle [4:29]
17.Glasgow Love Theme - Craig Armstrong [4:05]
18.Pms Love Theme - Craig Armstrong [2:15]

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