Friday, January 20, 2012

Look! Something Shiny!

How does this thing work? Have I exposed myself to some horrible, toxic, gene-altering chemicals? Just to have pretty nails? As if I wasn't with the nail polish and acetone laced remover.......which brings us back to the beginning. After years of wearing latex and nytril gloves at work, my nails had become rather dull and listless looking. I resorted to a coat or two of natural toned nail polish a couple of times a week. A bonus was that my nails were somewhat protected by the polish, they didn't wear down as quickly from certain tasks, the polish wore down instead. Then I was locked into this cycle of remover-polish-remover-polish-remover, well, you get the idea. Then last week, I picked up one of these four-sided nail buffing blocks. For just a couple bucks. Each side is one step of a finer-than-the-last mildly abrasive surface. The fourth side is totally smooth, sort of like vinyl flooring. That final surface renders the nails shiny! Amazingly shiny as if a coat of clear polish has been applied. All for about a 15 minute effort while watching a movie. Almost magical. Though I don't know how long it will last. The shine or the buffing block. But if using it can get me out of the polish/remover cycle for a while that would be nice. The one I purchased is the brand pictured, Ms. Manicure. It's easy to grip and the medium firm foam conforms to the curve of the nail. Even my cranky hands didn't protest too much. One more little step in my quest to be just a little lower maintenance.


Jacquelineand.... said...

Okay I am definitely stealing this idea.

Martine said...

You can also massage oil into your nails. Just not sure what kind :\

Bellona of Avalon said...

I've heard anything from baby oil to sweet almond to olive all work well. You can spend a lot on fancy spa or cuticle oils but they aren't any more effective. :)