Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Long and Short of It

It's a stay inside day. Do laundry. Trim your toenails and apply a new color. As I was walking about with my jeans rolled up, so as not to interfere with the nail polish drying process, my brain wandered off to warmer days when the pants are always shorter. Then I considered how many names there are for those below the knee, above the ankle casual pants that I favor when it isn't winter. I do realize that fashionistas, in whose realm I do not claim membership, will insist that these different names entail minute differences in style and length. If there is a regional term I have missed, please leave a comment. This list deserves to grow.

* Capris
* Pedal pushers
* Clam diggers
* Gauchos
* Crop(ped) pants
* Floods
* High-waters
* Three-quarter shorts

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