Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Please accept this post in the spirit in which it is offered. Which is the spirit of peace, tolerance, inclusion, and appreciation of diversity. Even though it is springing from downright aggravation. So allow me to vent for just a moment. Attention Christians who reside in this country! You do not own the Winter Solstice! Celebrate it as you choose with your traditions and beliefs but do not, I repeat, do not, impose your version of this holiday on everyone else! There. I feel better. There is no mystery to me as to why this time of year is crowded with holidays and celebrations in so many varied cultures and religions in so many locations. From ancient times, man has watched the sky and found significance in the observable changes in the stars and planets and our own beloved satellite, the Moon. Also tied in are the changes of the seasons and the associated activities involved. The cycle of life and the mystery and imagination of what it means to be human. Respect the right of all people to celebrate according to their cultural and spiritual customs rather than labeling a particular practice or greeting inappropriate. There is no right or wrong here. There is no mine is better than yours. There is cultural and religious diversity that should be met with respect and tolerance. We can only benefit from embracing the richness and beauty of our differences.

Note: I should have explained that my source of aggravation was a post on Facebook that read I'm going to say Merry Christmas instead of the more pc Happy Holidays to reflect the true meaning of Christmas. Repost if you agree. The things that rile me up! Oy!


colleen said...

Well said. And to that I say, "Peace on earth, good will toward women!" ; )

Irene V. Cooley said...

Right on!