Monday, December 5, 2011


Somewhere around the middle of October, Reg dropped out of Facebook. He said it had become a chore, something he didn't have time for. He hadn't recently posted status updates or any new photos. He informed his three hundred-plus friends that he would be pulling the plug. He complained just a bit that few of his friends acknowledged that post. He said he would return soon but he felt he was a better person for trying to withdraw from this online community. Reg managed to resist the urge to reactivate his account for less than two months time. And how does moi have knowledge of this fact? I happened to be on Facebook last evening sending messages to a couple of friends and ran across a message I had sent him in September, before we had met in person. I couldn't resist. I clicked on his name and, voila!, there was his info page! Reg was back, though I have no idea when he reinstated his account. I also had made a friendship request in September, which he had not accepted before he went offline. Now that he was back, I felt it was appropriate to rescind that request. Feels a bit like our real world relationship. I withdrew what I had offered because he went into hiding. Is it possible that real life shall imitate Facebook? That Reg might resurface as a candidate for boyfriend status? I'm not sure that I would click like for that notion. But there is my old friend BotD. Like I told Reg the most recent time we were together, the only way we'll know is in the living of it. Walk through it and see how it unfolds. I think it's called life.

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