Friday, December 9, 2011

Live, From My Back Yard!

You may remember Edgar, my anatomically correct garden statue. He's been here before, sometimes snow covered, maybe dressed up in a seasonal costume. Perhaps hanging out with attractive, beer-swilling women. Earlier today, Reid noticed that Newton was a little worked up over whatever he was observing on the other side of the patio door. Usually it's not very interesting. Newt gets all in a tither over leaves blowing around. But today was different. Newt had noticed something new! Edgar seems to have acquired a squirrel hat. Like he thinks he's a Team Fortress Two character or something. Kind of a dime store Daniel Boone. All I know is, it was chilly out there, maybe 20 degrees or so. And that squirrel's butt is going to get frostbite before Edgar's head warms up.

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