Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bellona's Triangle

Sometimes it takes a visual to clarify and nail down a thought in the nebulous fog that is my brain. As I was addressing packages to send to my loved ones, which means, yes, I failed to get them sent yesterday, it occurred to me that the points on the map would form a triangle when connected. This was obvious, three points connected always form a triangle. No getting around that. But there it was, near the center of the triangle. The Denver, Colorado area. Where I've been thinking for some time would be the optimal place for me to move. Near a major airport, making flights to the three points in question easily accessible. Hey, even road trips would be quite feasible. I have friends (LindaCo and Deanna!) in the neighborhood. It's beautiful there! Winters are milder! As Deanna would say, I must ponder, plot and plan. First, settle this business with my hands. In the meantime, work on launching Reid. This could most definitely work.


LindaCO said...

Tis a wonderful place to live!

Bellona of Avalon said...

I like how you describe yourself as a grateful resident of Colorado. :)