Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mission Accomplished

At last. There are shiny ergonomic opening devices on my kitchen cabinets! I was miraculously able to drill every gosh darn hole in just the right spot. Which limited the swearing to punctuate the dropping of tools and wrestling the drill to change bits.

I am most pleased with the result. Not only is the cabinet hardware decorative, it actually makes opening the doors and drawers easier on my cranky hands and wrists. It took nearly all day, but after ten years, who's counting?


Martine said...

Looks great! Perhaps I'll install some drawer pulls and door knobs as well.
You are right your countertop is the same color is mine!

Bellona of Avalon said...

Thanks! I'm retraining myself to use them!

My countertop is Pionite SR522, Raspberry Suede.

colleen said...

Great feeling, isn't it?!

Unfortunately, hardware is the least of my challenges! lol.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Completing this task was pretty much at the top of my list! As well as up there in terms of what my hands will tolerate in a day.

Now I move on to fashioning a seat for the chair I painted last summer!

Wish I was able to help you with some of yours! If my hands were all better, I could hire myself out as a handywoman. I'd be busy all the time.