Friday, November 18, 2011

Dedicated to Reg

Oh, you probably won't remember me
It's probably ancient history
I'm one of the chosen few
Who went ahead and fell for you
I'm out of vogue, I'm out of touch
I fell too fast, I feel too much
I thought that you might have some advice to give
On how to be insensitive

Jann Arden sang those words seventeen years ago. I just watched the video. Ironic that we have the same hairstyle. At least I do now, she did then. Seventeen years, hmmm. That's a fashion cycle, right?


Lisa (Tantra Flower) said...

First, you're beautiful.

I love that song. What woman wouldn't relate at one time or another?

I will be up for a while if you need to talk. Call my cell. XOX

Bellona of Avalon said...

Thank you. :)

Don't feel so beautiful, but a beer helps.

Little Sis said...

I've decided this song:
is my anthem.
Love you!