Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anthropologie Issue Eleven

It's a good day when the mailbox contains the latest Anthropologie catalog. I'm sure this cover shot is another nudge enticing me to move to Colorado. And when I move there, I'm definitely harvesting my own holiday tree, dressed just like her, and tying it to the top of my Outback. Adventurous and sexy and well-accessorized. Suits me just fine. Just as soon as I relocate to Anthropologie, Colorado. Until then, I reserve the right to dabble in my new persona. Try it on and see how it fits. I'm starting with the boots...


Anonymous said...

Well Colorado would be a nice option, but this catalog was shot all over Peru in South America, If you have an open mind you can consider moving there beautiful country and a hell lot cheaper than Colorado :) that is if you can speak Spanish.

Bellona of Avalon said...

The true location is obvious from the license plate on the car...I am simply taken with Colorado and any snow-capped mountains take me there immediately!

I can politely order beer in Spanish. I like to say that I proudly speak Sesame Street Spanish. I can sing a song about counting to ten and another one about frying eggs on the cement.

You'll note that the model is wearing heels, not boots. Again, I am repeatedly smitten with the boots in Anthropologie so the default footwear, as far as I'm concerned, are boots!