Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Cleaning

I know, I know, spring is the traditional time to clean. But I prefer fall. As the daylight hours grow shorter and the days cool I know winter is right around the corner. Which means I'll be inside. In the dark. For months! So it makes more sense to me to clean up indoors when I'll be spending more time there. I certainly don't contemplate how clean the floors are or how deep the dust around the knick-knacks has piled up when I'm out in the hammock enjoying the flowers and trees. So at this very moment, I am typing to you from a clean and organized office! Didn't just chase away the dust bunnies, though, this was a spiritual and emotional cleaning day as well. I poked around deep into that closet where the last bit of unchecked baggage was hanging about. Cobwebs and hoptoads and tears, oh my! Lately I've been inclined toward facing down my demons and doing something about them rather than putting on the blinders and smiling. A few days ago I indulged in a brief foray into old behavior that surprised and horrified me. I apologized. And was warmly forgiven. Ooh, this feels like personal growth! I like how it feels! Maybe even more than my clean office.

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