Monday, September 5, 2011

The Luck of the Pot

Here in the midwest, there is a social phenomenon known as the potluck supper. They take place in varied settings, church basements, park picnic shelters, the neighbor's garage. There is never a menu but sometimes there is a theme, and everyone brings something to share. You will feast on a variety of tasty foods because whatever people contribute, you can be sure it's a personal specialty that the cook has received multiple compliments over. Some specialize in desserts or salads, others are known for their fried chicken or macaroni and cheese.

Whatever you might happen to bring, you always want to make it easy for the hostess to make sure you get your brownie pan or casserole dish back at the end of the meal. This is the reason many containers have a faded strip of masking tape on the bottom with the name of the owner written on it. Tupperware may have the name written directly on it with magic marker. I have seen lids marked as well. This ensures that the anal retentive cook will get their lid for their bowl rather than an identical one from someone else's kitchen. This casserole dish is special, and I need to send it to my sister Pam. It already has her name on it.

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