Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Consignment Clothing with Colleen

The only thing I like better than a snappy alliterative title is a bargain. From left to right we have brown, pink, and black. The brown is barely worn and part wool and incredibly soft. I love the little button detail that runs around the inside of the neckline. It's also shaped like me, meaning it allows me to be curvy, and fits like a dream. The pink cable tank is 100% cotton and will layer beautifully with a jacket for upcoming chilly fall days. The black 3/4 sleeve Laura Ashley number was a steal at six bucks! I didn't even have to try it on because I have a burgundy one just like it in my closet already! Note the original tags! If I remember correctly, the original price was around $44, the markdown price is $32.99. And don't worry your pretty little head none, I bought the burgundy version retail. But off a yellow tag clearance rack. For maybe seven or eight bucks. The only thing I will enjoy more than feeling smug over these great bargains is wearing them.

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