Thursday, August 25, 2011

ObviousMan Strikes Again!

As if Lost isn't difficult enough to keep straight anyway, with the huge cast of characters and multiple story lines, now they're unstuck in time! For crying out louder than necessary! If I'd had to wait from week to week for new episodes, I'd be lost, too! There are humorous moments that I find very enjoyable amidst all the chaos, murder, bloodshed, sexual innuendo, and treachery. I replayed this little exchange five times. And laughed each and every time. From Episode 1, Season 5 of Lost, Because You Left:

Richard: Next time we see each other you won't recognize me. Give me this.

Locke: What is it?

Richard: It's a compass.

Locke: What does it do?

Richard: It points north, John.


colleen said...

I'm thinkin' there's something about this exchange that either requires one seeing it ... or some explanation.

I'm sure it has something to do with the names, but something is missing ... and it's driving me crazy!!

Bellona of Avalon said...

I think it's funny out of context. Geek humor! In scifi time travel, objects are often used as reference points to help characters recognize each other or to establish "when" you are. Richard is giving Locke an object for this reason. Locke is thinking the significance of the compass has some mystical meaning and Richard answers with the obvious and practical in mind. I'm thinking you probably don't read much science fiction, Colleen!