Friday, August 5, 2011

Mystery Cookie

I'm pretty sure I didn't just imagine this cookie. That said, if I were to imagine a cookie, it would be this cookie. But I can't find it locally. Not even on the Pepperidge Farm website. Not on the Target website either! And Target is the store where I purchased the cookie in question nearly a month ago. I was in Rapid City, but are the residents of west coast South Dakota more deserving of delicious cookies than us east coast SD people? I would answer a resounding NO! It was a delectable, crisp, swirly shaped coconut cookie. The package said New!. Maybe so new it hasn't trickled down to my rural neighborhood yet. Coconut is one of those things that draws a line in the sand, you either love it or despise it. I fall on the love side of that particular line. If you have seen this cookie, too, please tell me I wasn't hallucinating. Thank you. Then bring me some.

1 comment:

Izzy said...

I hate food mysteries, especially when they are yummy. Is this them perhaps?