Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Lost Loves

His character, Sayid, is more than a little frightening. So I prefer to think of Naveen Andrews tenderly washing Juliette Binoche's hair in The English patient. I'd say, though, the fact that in real life he's serially attracted to older women definitely wins him points with me. I'd be stranded on a desert island with him in a heartbeat. In my completely unscientific and totally biased assessment of four of the hottest guys on Lost, Sayid comes in at the #2 spot.

It seems the people who I swiped this photo from were not pleased, so it has been removed.

I could listen to Desmond talk all day long. It's that mellifluous accent. Not to mention that smile. He cleans up very nicely as well as looking fabulous all grimy. Played by Scottish charmer Henry Ian Cusick, Desmond is fired from a monastery, makes a poor impression with his girlfriend's father when asking for her hand in marriage, is dishonorably drummed out of the military, and fails to push the button in time causing the crash of Oceanic 815. In spite of this string of failures, I think he has enormous potential. Des comes in at #1 on my Lost Loves List.

He's a charmer and a scoundrel and a smartass. James "Sawyer" Ford as played by Josh Holloway, is the bad boy that every girl dreams about. Despite his obvious physical attributes, he comes in at #3 for me. I have this thing about Southern men. I don't trust them. I might go into therapy to sort that one out just for him, so we'll see if he calls.

He's got that Boy Scout, everyman, tortured soul, quarterback of the football team kind of guy appeal. Matthew Fox is Dr. Jack Shepard, the leader who reluctantly emerges from the crowd and in the end saves the planet from sure destruction. He's a handsome guy who feels compelled to fix anything broken. And he's #4 on my little list of Lost hotties. When Jack appears in a forward flash, in a full scruffy beard and following in his father's alcoholic footsteps, I hit the pause button and stared. He bears a striking resemblance to my first boyfriend. That gave me a little chill and pushed him to the bottom of the list. I would have been much more upset if Desmond had died.

It seems I don't have permission to use this image either. Okay, fine, it's gone, too.


colleen said...

Wow. Do they actually have someone scanning the web looking for such "inappropriate" use of images? Seems many people have a lot more free time than I!

Bellona of Avalon said...

Yup. Precisely.