Monday, August 1, 2011

Monkee-ing Around

I steer clear of daytime television. I'd elaborate, but then I'd get derailed from what I actually want to tell you. The Goddess knows my attention span is short enough as it is lately! My first visit to the pain doc's office wasn't just productive as far as treatment is concerned. I was impressed with their exam/consultation room set-up. You are whisked off to one of these almost before you have an opportunity to seat yourself in the main waiting room. I have been in two different exam rooms now, and I expect all of them are outfitted in a similar fashion. Recliner as well as another couch or chair. Flat screen satellite tv with remotes right there! One-seater restroom right there! Current reading material. On my second visit I was more interested in my newspaper and shut off the tv. Many people aren't aware that this is possible, even in their own homes. On my first visit, though, The View was in progress and three quarters of the Pre-Fab Four were there! Mike Nesmith was absent. They had my attention. It seems the Monkees are doing a reunion tour this summer, sans Mike, but including a crack back-up band. The interview was engaging, and I enjoyed catching up on their personal and professional lives. So, which Monkee did you have a crush on? I was a tween when the show originally aired, and Davey appealed to most of the girls of my age. I was torn between Peter, who was quiet and sincere, and Mickey, who was raucous and wild. Apparently I have a long-standing issue with finding that middle ground. Kim, who lived next door to me when we were in fifth grade, had a thing for Mike, the only Monkee who was married. I thought she was seriously weird for her preference, and now wonder if she made a habit of choosing the one guy in the room who is unavailable. Three fourths of the Monkees also performed a couple of their hits on The View. While I was entertained by their interview segment, I was more than disappointed by their musical performance. Yes, their back-up band is excellent, but their vocals and stage antics were lackluster and seemed forced. If the Monkees 2011 tour comes to your fair city, I recommend staying home and watching them on dvd. Both seasons are available with interview bonus material. In this case, memorex beats live.

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