Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where Did July Go?

I've been gone a few days. Did you notice? Bless your heart! Wednesday I visited the Children's Museum for lunch with sons and DIL. As usual, life is more interesting than I need it to be. Second visit with pain doc on Friday. What I have is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type II. Type II because there is evidence of nerve damage. Possibly due to my surgery and repetitive trauma. As far as Dr Cottage Cheese is concerned, I have found three reputable citations agreeing that Motor Nerve Conduction Testing is considered inappropriate, unethical, and cruel for CRPS patients because it is extremely painful. The very test he wanted me to repeat. Bastard. I had a second nerve block injection and am continuing with the Lyrica. I still am hoping to go off the Lyrica, as it isn't obvious to me that it has a positive effect. Rather than knocking me out within an hour of taking it, I seem to be experiencing sleep disturbance again like I was pre-Lyrica. And it makes me feel a quart low. Which may not be obvious to the casual observer. The shots, however, have short-lived side effects and are currently rendering my right hand nearly pain free for probably half of my waking hours. A decided improvement. Reid and I bade Michael and Liz farewell yesterday morning. They are off on their Google adventure. So many mixed feelings, excited for them for this great opportunity in a city they have already fallen in love with. While my mother's heart laments that they are so far away. I'll be fine. A surprise half hour phone call with my former employer's corporate head honcho HR guy. He didn't seem to be entirely aware that I had been dismissed from my job. He was following up on a couple of serious issues I voiced over two weeks ago with local HR and Management. A little late, if you ask me. Colleen had me up to the Big Red House on the Hill for lunch on Friday afternoon. Delightful and delicious! The legal aspect for my Work Comp case is moving forward with the gathering of documents. And I'm networking in search of new employment. I had a busy weekend helping friends with a rummage sale of their parents' belongings. In preparation for putting their home of over thirty years on the market. An enormous, emotional task made easier with the assistance of many friends. Felt a little familiar after dealing with my own mother's lifetime accumulation of objects last winter. Enjoying a slower paced Sunday today in preparation for the week ahead. Which will likely be interesting.

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