Sunday, February 13, 2011


Several years ago, a tattered bumper sticker showed up at my house. In very large type were the letters WWBD, followed by a question mark. In smaller type beneath were the words what would Bacchus do?. I think there were some grapes or viney stuff as well, maybe a wine glass. I don't know what made me think of this, but now that I have, I wonder what happened to the bumper sticker. I do know that it didn't end up on any of my bumpers. The last I remember seeing it, it was on top of my husband's dresser in our bedroom. Amid the loose change, the Dilbert coffee mug full of pens, the candy tin that held $2 bills, his wallet and watch. That dresser hasn't been his for over five years. I expect Bacchus departed along with the other assorted items when he moved out. The husband, that is. Bacchus could come back as long as he had some pretty good wine and was willing to give me a foot massage. I seriously doubt he is Mr. NPBPFM*, but sometimes all you want is a festival. Maybe just a distraction. Hmmm. What would Bacchus do?

*not perfect but perfect for me

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