Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tummy Touble

Really, you'll thank me for not sharing the details. The miserable thing is, until my digestive system is back to normal, no ibuprofin for my aching wrists and neck! Another day or so should do it. Truth be told I might be fine right now, but for my own lack of judgement last night. Thinking I was on the mend I made the unfortunate choice of spicy wings and beer for supper. They were irresistible and delicious. And I have paid my dues for enjoying them a little too early in the tummy recovery process. I don't know what started this whole business, Reid and I have eaten pretty much the same food in the last week and he's just fine. I was popping the Advil more often than my once or twice a week, though. Physical therapy made the shift from heat and stretching to more aggressive strength training. Making me a little more sore than usual. Ibuprofin is my magic pill for aches and pains and I don't want to overuse it to the point that it doesn't work its magic for me any longer. Maybe my tummy is telling me just that. And it may be a while until spicy wings seem appetizing once again. Trust me, you don't want to know the details.

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Lucy said...

I know the feeling. Something seems so delicious and irresistible, and then we pay for it later. Ugh.