Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Live Long, and May the Force be With You

In the last six weeks, Reid and I have watched seven Star Trek movies and the three original Star Wars movies. My brain is full to overflowing with quotable lines, narrow escapes, evil beyond evil bad guys, visions of alien species and spectacular explosions. I also am occasionally experiencing a mixing of the two series. And I'm left wondering if it was Yoda who taught at Star Fleet academy. Who would win a fight between Spock and Darth Vader? Would Klingons become all touchy-feely and happy if they lived side-by-side with Eewoks? The evil Emperor might have been an okay guy if he'd had a few drinks with Scotty. A couple of things I'm certain of, though. Jabba the Hutt wins Han's (sorry) down in the slimy bad guy department. The Borg are the scariest alien race ever invented, even if they weren't in any of the movies we viewed. And their cubic ships are way cool. Star Wars wins for creating the most varied looking alien races. Star Trek wins for fun use of Terran ethnic accents. And if you ask me, Scotty would have had an endless supply of power if only the Force had been with him.

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