Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Things You Find

When you move the furniture and it hasn't been moved for a while, you find things. Like the nasty area near the baseboard where little boy feet twitched against the wall and wore away the paint. When the computer desk faced that way. This is a room in progress. Welcome to my office. Nearly two years ago I moved my computer out of my bedroom and into this room downstairs. This is the third reworking of my office space, my office is the fourth incarnation of this corner of the basement. The first incarnation was the finished with rustic recycled barnboards corner of the basement, a relic from the former owners. I thought it was kind of cool. My husband hated it. The barnboards stuck around for a few years until more serious finishing occurred. Then this space acquired a tile floor, closets, was wired properly, walled in and painted and had a door that closed. We had a guest bedroom. Then it became the guest bedroom slash office when we acquired our first computer. Further remodeling and adding on ensued and a new guest bedroom with a proper egress window came to be, leaving this a room occupied by boys and computers and video games and came to be known as the Computer Lab. I annoyed the boys by freshening it up with leftover paint. It was no longer dingy. They protested, particularly over the sunflower I painted free hand on the wall and hung a clock in the center of. Now it's mine, and in nearly two years I've never quite finished it. With the addition of my lovely new to me glass and metal desk, I feel inspired to finally organize this room properly. A place for writing and paper crafty projects. A refuge with a big comfy chair for reading and journaling. I am working on it! The furniture has been suitably rearranged, a set of shelves have been moved from one wall to another. The walls have been repaired and touched up with paint. I have found dust bunnies and cobwebs and a missing pair of earbuds. Undoubtedly a few poems will emerge. With any luck, maybe I'll find my next novel in here.

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