Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sexy Sack of Potatoes

This is me. Showcasing some type of disco move through the Christmas gift opening leavings on the living room floor. While quaffing a caffeinated beverage, it would seem. Also spokesmodeling my new slippers. Today's title refers to how my husband described my appearance in that late 80's fashion trend, the belted knit dress. In my memory, the closest statement resembling a compliment on my appearance that he ever paid me. We worked through this particular issue in counseling, where I finally got an answer as to why he never told me I was pretty/attractive/hot/anything remotely positive. His answer was, he wasn't sure what the criteria were. Which finally helped me understand how his brain works. I think it was in that moment I felt a tenderness toward him I had never experienced before. At the same time, I also knew I could not stay with him and attempt to resurrect our broken marriage. A thousand words in this picture? For me, only four.

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