Saturday, January 8, 2011

January Rant #1

Papa John's pizza!!! Are you listening? It seriously aggravates me how you have emblazoned on your pizza boxes that your product contains absolutely no trans fats!!! Perhaps the pizza as prepared does not, but the thin crust pizza has a packet enclosed that contains a spice blend to sprinkle on your pie. If you read the ingredients on the packet it clearly states that there are hydrogenated fats inside. Included with the thicker crust pizza is a garlic dipping sauce that contains both partially and fully hydrogenated fats. The sprinkle spices and the dipping sauce are voluntary, you don't have to use them, but the intention is clear. They are provided without customer request to enhance the pizza consumption experience. Maybe this is one of those percentage things, where technically your product does not contain a certain ingredient if it contains less than one percent of said stuff. But still. There should be a disclaimer that warns the consumer that the additional condiments provided do indeed contain trans fats.

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