Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday at Zaidy's

Zaidy's is a genuine Jewish deli, located in Denver, CO. They have an absolutely amazing full menu, but we were there for coffee and goodies. I was undecided about what to order until our waitress said there was something special...a cheesecake containing cranberries, walnuts and I don't know what else. What I do know is that the woman who creates these luscious baked goods dreamed about this cheesecake and then whipped it up the next day. Dreamed it! I had to have some!

Kristin and Deanna had goodies as well. Kristen opted for the chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting. Deanna went for the classic cheesecake. Freshly brewed coffee arrived at the table. Gastronomic nirvana ensued.

Dreamy. Just dreamy.

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