Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paper Paper

When I opened my Argus Leader this morning, a holiday greeting card tumbled out. It was from my newspaper route carrier. Nice. But in the same manner in which I will sometimes forget an item I need with me when I leave the house, she left out the tab section. On Thursday the tab is called Link, and contains entertainment news in the area for the upcoming weekend. Not to mention the crossword! I hope she didn't think the card was an adequate stand-in for the missing section. I do appreciate the thought, but I'd rather have a complete paper. When I called the customer service number, the very courteous fellow on the other end sent me a link to the full on-line electronic version of today's edition. My account was also credited for one day's delivery. I did enjoy having the electronic substitute, but it paled in comparison to the actual, physical article. As something of a left-wing, liberal, eco-friendly, recycling fanatic tree hugger, wanting a paper paper delivered every day runs counter to my nature. Part of a tree will bite the dust anyway since I printed out the crossword as well as the Jumble puzzle. I reserve the right to cling to this particular indicator of my approaching old fogeyness. For me, it's right up there with holding up the line in a store by producing my coin purse and counting out the correct change. Some of this old(er) lady stuff is fun. And fun is good.

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