Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

The car is unloaded as well as washed! I believe today was the very first time I have washed my car in December. All that road crud deposited on the Subaru by passing semis just had to go. Things from my mother are slowly but surely finding their way into where they ought to reside in my house. It feels a little like having her around. Gently and in the background. A comforting and pleasant feeling. I had my first physical therapy session today! Only a full month after my referral! I am convinced no other entity can piss away time quite like the Work Comp people I'm dealing with. I'll get one more session in before my follow-up visit with the orthopedic Doc on Thursday. My favorite PT, Chuck, thinks we may need twelve weeks to get my right wrist in better shape. I promise I shall faithfully do my range-of-motion exercises, desensitizing massage, and heat treatments. In between I'll be full bore into holiday decorating! I watched Star Trek (2009) again today, eight viewings thus far. Yesterday I watched it with director J.J. Abrams commentary. He alludes to deleted scenes that will be included in the dvd release, but there are no deleted scenes included! There is a gag reel, however, that is pretty darn funny. My favorite is Kirk and Spock doing their scene in the Vulcan ship from the future with questionable Scottish accents. I also find it interesting that actor Chris Pine, who plays Kirk, has a name that is just one letter away from Star Trek character Chris(topher) Pike. The actor who plays James T. Kirk's father, Captain George Kirk, is also named Chris! Another notable name coincidence is that Spock's mother is played by actress Winona Ryder, and Winona is also the name of JTK's mother! If there is a deeper meaning here, or some prophetic lesson to be learned, I have no idea what it could be. Live long and prosper, I'll be engaged in PT and holiday decorating.

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