Friday, December 3, 2010


Ahhhh. I'm at Deanna's house in Colorado. I want to move here. Michael & Liz, what are the job possibilities here? Wish I could try Deanna's coffee side-by-side with Martine's! I love staying with people who brew kick-ass coffee! I have decided that beer is my favorite beverage after a long day in the car. Wine, then, would be my favorite evening beverage. My favorite beverage at Bravo's is the Patron margarita, shaken with violence and expertise by my favorite bartender, Jesse. Especially on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, when they are half price. I have slept well, had breakfast, and feel human once more after showering and washing my hair. And I'm wearing my new pink fuzzy robe from Target!!! Does life get much better than this? To top it all off, it's December 3rd and the predicted high temp here is near 70 degrees. This, I can live with.

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