Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is There Anything More Pitiful...

...than a soaking wet cat? Newton doesn't want anyone to know, but he fell into my bathtub earlier. And it was approximately half full of water. I looked up from my newspaper and coffee when I heard a horrible noise, a combination of frantic scuffling and splashing coming from the general direction of my bathroom. Where I had run the tub half full of hot water about half an hour earlier. Because of my water heater/tub size disparity. Before I had quite figured out what was going on, a very freaked out and soaking wet Newton flew out of my bathroom, through my bedroom and the sunroom, moving a chair as he collided with it on the way, through the kitchen, making a hard left turn to go downstairs, and negotiated a couple more turns to end up under the video game controller littered coffee table in the family room. He hissed at me when I tried to pull him out, also hissed at his brother when Einstein approached him and sniffed him investigatively. I wiped up the puddles he left in his wake and coaxed him out from under the table with some tuna and toweled him off some so he wasn't dripping. He seems to be fine, uninjured by his tussle with the chair. Leaving me to conclude, at least for today, that curiosity only damages a cat's dignity.

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