Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun With Tigh & Lloyd

When a friend flies in from Australia and has been awake for 36 hours, the obvious thing to do is take him to International Night at Jim's Tap. Then he snaps a photo of you leaning before you've had your first drink. Welcome to Brookings, Lloyd!

Later, we introduce Lloyd to midwestern American delicacies like mac & cheese, pheasant chislic and pumpkin pie!

Instead of making the "kids" sit in the kitchen, they all gravitated towards the table set up in the living room. That was fine with me, the grown-up table was closer to the wine.

A trip to east river South Dakota just isn't complete without an outing to Falls Park. Even if it's raining. Here in the requisite shot with the falls in the background are Tigh and Lloyd. Looking well hydrated, don't you think?


Southern Bloke said...

Boy wasnt it a great few days. Carla your hospitality rocked :) I got the real experience and look forward to the last slice of pumpkin pie in the fridge!

Bellona of Avalon said...

I need that lottery ticket to pay off so I can have you show me around Sydney!!