Thursday, October 7, 2010

English Expands

Yesterday, in an IM conversation with Crazy, a new word was discovered. He described a behavioral attitude that he might resort to using the word jackass. I responded that assertive might be the better approach. Sparking in my evil little brain the idea to combine the words. Resulting in the word jackassertive. Which I expect would mean behaving in an assertive manner, perhaps an overly assertive manner, leading others around you to think you're being a bit of a jackass. While I regard behaving as a jackass a poor way to go about standing your ground, I expect different people draw that line between assertive and the former in different places. I suggest we clarify that gray area with the word jackassertive. Still gray, but now with a colorful idiom assigned to it.


Crazy said...

Hey, if the shoe fits...

Bellona of Avalon said... jackassertive!