Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thelma & Louise Go To Winnipeg

Last week I was pondering the prospect of the upcoming month. Involving the surgery on my hands and the period of healing that would follow. That felt a bit confining, so instead of having a panic attack, I hollered Road Trip! and called Colleen. It's so convenient when this urge hits me just prior to a long weekend. The next question was where. Where indeed. We could go east to the Twin Cities and take in the Minnesota State Fair! Fried food on a stick!! Hmmmm. No. South? To Omaha, the land of a large zoo and other delights, though I was hard pressed to name any of them, thus dispensing with the southern route. West to the Black Hills, land of too many memories too recent in my personal history. No again, despite the draw of a certain department store that contains perhaps the finest shoe department in the state. So we were left with north. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. And as it has turned out, our only similarity to Thelma and Louise's road trip is that we also drove a blue car. We have had some wonderful food, seen some sights, experienced perfectly delightful weather and have stayed up past midnight without turning into pumpkins! Tomorrow we head for home with tired feet and photos to edit. And despite true efforts at shopping, have purchased little. I bought a clearance table hat at Hudson's Bay. Colleen wins the prize in the Lamest Purchase department, for having travelled 400 miles to buy a bottle of contact lens solution. Which, by the way, cost nearly as much as my fabulous hat. Now, if we can just get safely home without being pursued by a fleet of police cars.

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