Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes, do feel free to invent new words. Thanks ever so much, I believe I shall! As you know, I do have a tendency to overaccessorize. An essentially harmless behavior that only complicates the day if you are planning to fly commercial. Or have surgery. Due to a process used in the OR that stops bleeding called cauterization, the patient must be completely stripped of everything metallic. Otherwise something very unpleasant, called arcing, can take place. The result of which can be some very nasty burns. Meaning that I had to divest myself of all my jewelry! This girl gets into the shower most days wearing eight pieces of jewelry. This is due, in part, to laziness. Why take them off if I'm just going to put them back on again right away. By the same token, it's a time saver, I probably gain five minutes getting ready time by leaving these pieces on. So, today will be devoted to restoring order. I have already reinstated the navel ring and the toe ring. Later I'll work on the earrings and the past, present, and future silver bracelets that normally adorn my left wrist. Then I'll feel decent once more. Properly dressed, at least. Most likely exhausted.

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