Saturday, September 11, 2010

Five Things I'm Relatively Proficient at as a Lefty

1. Brushing my teeth. Although I have a SoniCare toothbrush, which means all I have to do is guide it around, not an enormous accomplishment, but I'm claiming it anyway.

2. Eating. With a utensil, not my fingers.

3. Mousing. The computer variety as opposed to rodent control.

4. Pulling my hair back into a makeshift, meaning very messy, ponytail.

5. Writing! I'm committed to doing the crossword puzzle every day! It takes longer, but is remarkably legible!

These accomplishments are particularly amazing when you consider that not only am I right hand dominant, but my left hand is still rather compromised by the tendinitis. Meaning, I do hope, that I'm getting the worst over with first. No applause, really, it will just encourage me. But thanks for your support. Anyone out there proficient at grape peeling?

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