Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exotic State of Mind

About a year and a half ago, when my original navel piercing eroded away and disappeared, I felt less exotic. So I had it repierced. Went through the whole healing up business again, found a pretty piece of jewelry to poke through it, was generally pleased with the result. Only to remove it this afternoon. I simply reached the point where inconvenience tipped the scale from exotic to annoyed. The darn thing just seemed to always be in the way! I had to constantly adjust it to comply with the waistband on my pants! Annoyed pretty much cancels out any air of exoticism I might have possibly been emitting anyway. Leaving me to think that exotic is a state of mind, not a sparkly bit of jewelry in the belly button. So, my body piercing stage would seem to be over. It was fun while it lasted. Until it was annoying.

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