Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cast Art

Well, all I have to say is, don't take a hot pink Sharpie down to the bar with you when you have a cast. Unless you want people to decorate it. Under the influence of alcohol. I know. Pretty wild and irresponsible of me, but sometimes a girl just has to cast caution to the wind. I did attempt to get photos, but was unable to contort properly to really capture the spirit of the inpromptu drawings. I shall do my best to describe them.

1. Tigh drew the awesome smiley face and signed his name.

2. Although he didn't sign his name, Trent drew a most elaborate stick figure guy holding a bottle of tequila in one hand and wielding a rather scary battle axe in the other. He is grinning and shouting Mexico!.

3. Brenna drew a lovely peony-like flower and signed her nick name.

4. A very drunken fellow, whose name I did not understand when he uttered it, toiled laboriously over his message. It is absolutely illegible, but he seemed pleased with the finished product. He also ran off the edge and got Sharpie ink on my arm. I think it's either his name and phone number, or a deeply felt expression of his undying love for me. Or a Haiku. In Japanese.

5. The bouncer at Jim's Tap drew a four-leaf clover and wished me luck.

If anyone is interested, there is still some blank space available. Corporate sponsors are welcome.

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