Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Blue Pill

Not that one, this one. Recommended for my tendonitis symptoms. Since I swapped days off this week, meaning that I am off today rather that tomorrow, due to the PAIN in my hands and wrists, I thought I'd give naproxen, aka Aleve, a try. Whew, that was a long sentence. And I typed it with less pain than if I had tried earlier today. I took one Aleve tablet about an hour and a half ago. My hands still feel a little tender. And I am experiencing a mildly euphoric disconnect with my immediate surroundings. I definitely should not drive or operate heavy equipment. I would not function well at work on this stuff. But it might be a lot more fun. All I have to say is, if Aleve doesn't do a miraculous job at removing the pain, which so far it hasn't, it's not worth all this. Excuse me while I put on Dark Side of the Moon and watch The Wizard of Oz.

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