Thursday, August 19, 2010

Felonious Felines

The house is so huge and quiet when Reid isn't here. He's off to Wisconsin with his father for some extended family festivities. And filling that void are two annoyed and noisy cats! That's right, Newton and Einstein are locked up for a couple of days for some remedial familiarization with correct litter box protocol. I feel mean. But I'm sick up and fed with mopping up cat pee and picking up cat poop. The mean feeling comes from having to sequester both of them. I'm pretty sure Newt is the culprit, at least he's the only one we've caught in the act. Meaning that Steinie is being punished while innocent. I could set up separate food and water dishes and move one of the litter boxes into another area...sigh. Maybe they're back there conspiring how to get even with me once they've been set free. I don't mind cleaning up the hair balls. Pretty disgusting, yes, but those are more due to my negligence in keeping them properly brushed. This errant elimination seems to be more of an attitude problem than anything else. I informed both of them that they are entitled to their opinions but may not express them in this deplorable, nasty manner. They looked up at me not as if I were chastising them, but as if they were waiting for treats that they surely were most deserving of. It may be punishment enough to hang out with me for a long weekend. Reid is their favorite human. If I free them when he returns maybe that will make an impression. Bad kitties! You shall be deprived of the company of your favorite human when proper peeing and pooping ettiquette is ignored! I swear it was easier to potty train two human boys.

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