Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Old Mouse, New Mouse

These images are not to scale. To each other. Necessarily. Above is my old mouse, which I liked a lot. The transceiver stowed neatly into a slot inside the mouse, and then it fit inside this cute little black drawstring bag for travel. But it started to malfunction. So I fiddled with it. Which means, I pulled the battery, blew on the contacts, turned it on and off several times, unplugged and plugged back in the transceiver several times, cleaned the top of my desk and tried to get the mouse to work properly on other surfaces, and blew the fuzz off of the little light-up thingy on the bottomside. I think it's probably still under warranty, but I can't locate the receipt. A portion of the proceeds from my purchase went to a good cause, womens' heart health through the American Heart Association. Can I still feel good about that even if I bought it at Wal-Mart on clearance?

And, ta-da, this is my new mouse. The Microsoft Wireless Mobile 3500. The transceiver is so tiny it barely sticks out of the USB port. I do believe I like it. It's larger size is kinder to my tendonitis-plagued hand. The 3500 is a good fifty percent larger than the Kensington. Like I said, the photos aren't the same scale. You may have noticed that they are both pink. Pink is good. And in closing, I must say that I have not been compensated by Microsoft for my hearty endorsement of their product. It was on sale, and it was pink. If you ask me, two of the most important criteria in making a shopping choice.


colleen said...

And you give me hell for loving "on sale" and BLACK! (wink)

Bellona of Avalon said...