Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nice, Fairy Nice!

I have a bit of a preoccupation with fairies. I have drawings and books and figurines. I even have Mariposa Barbie. And numerous incarnations of my favorite, Tinker Bell. I have no idea why my brain latched onto fairies as an interest, but now I have a clue. I have recently come into possession of a photo album and scrapbook that documents my early childhood. And wouldn't you know, there on a page dedicated to my first birthday, is this beautiful card with a fairy depicted on the front! I haven't a clue who the card is from, on the inside there is a handwritten greeting, but it is not signed. The card itself is in excellent condition, surprising considering the number of non-optimal storage situations it has experienced over fifty years. Unfortunately, the card is solidly glued onto the album page, and may be difficult to extricate. I plan to go about freeing this darling little sprite from her current accomodations and placing her in a frame so I can see her every day. It would be interesting to know who gave me this card on the first anniversary of my birth. I would like to thank the giver for infecting my toddler brain with fairy fancy.

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