Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Disturbed

Well, not really. Not most of the time. But frequently my 14 yo son bursts into the room and asks if I would like to know something really disturbing. I always say no. And he always continues with the disturbing thing he has just learned and must share. Just a little thing that we do. Usually his timing is impeccable, he tells me all about the disturbing thing just before bedtime so I may have the pleasure of of perusing it in my dreams. Just to throw me off he shared this little morsel with me early this morning as I was brushing my teeth. Apparently Tickle Me Elmo laughs when he is on fire. This is disturbing on many levels. First off, how would a person know this to begin with? Maybe a fireman would know from on the job experience, that's the only thing that would make any sense. I picture maniacal toddlers with child-proof lighters setting TME on fire just for fun. Or maybe lab technicians at the Consumer Product Safety Commission legitimately running testing on TME to see if the materials used are suitably fire proof. The idea I like the best is TME sprouting horns, sharp teeth and a pointy tail as he's going up in flames holding a tiny pitchfork. He is, after all, the right color.